Construction News webinar in association with Dassault Systemès: Overcoming Nuclear Construction Challenges


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Webinar date: 10am Tuesday 30 January 2024


Connected decisions can de-risk nuclear construction and help deliver your plant on time and on budget.

The construction phase of a complex, large capital facility like a nuclear power plant can often run over budget and with time delays. The volume and type of facility required can sometimes appear bewildering – Gigawatt Scale Reactors, SMRs, Fusion Reactors. To add to that, moving towards net zero through a safe and reliable nuclear future means tackling issues including the workforce and skills shortage, siloed projects and fragmented supply chains.

This webinar, organised by Construction News in partnership with Dassault Systemès, will discuss how informed, traceable and timely decisions can help to successfully deliver a new generation of safe and reliable nuclear power plants.



Join our expert panellists to hear use case examples demonstrating how:

  • Planning for construction must begin during the design phase
  • Design and construction teams working from the same common data
  • environment reduces costly errors
  • Maximising scarce resources is vital to enable the sector

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