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Excavation Services

At N-Bit Construction and Remodeling, we offer house demolition service. This kind of service usually involves excavation and compaction. When we demolish a house, we end up eliminating the foundation to build a new one. Our professional excavators can level the ground floor for rebuilding. Even if your house has a basement, we can demolish, excavate and grade your property to prepare it for construction or rebuilding.

Choosing us for construction and remodeling projects can help you save time as we can take care all of your excavation needs. We have packages that we can offer. Our tools and equipment are on-site to handle all your demolition and excavation requests. Here are some of the common services that we provide:

• General excavation
• Site preparation
• Debris removal
• Site clearing
• Grading

Professional Excavation Services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Ventura, Santa Monica, and Valencia

We have a highly trained professional team to perform excavation and grading. We can show you our 25 years of experience in construction and remodeling. When you choose us to get the job done, you can be sure that we can deliver the project with the most professional services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Ventura, and Valencia.

Our team at N-Bit Construction and Remodeling will simplify your needs and make the excavation and compaction services fast and seamless.

Why must you hire a professional excavation?

No land plot is entirely level. For that reason, site excavation is vital when constructing a new building. At N-Bit Construction and Remodeling, we have our own excavators, bulldozers and other heavy machinery to remove rocks, soil, and other debris from the area. A site must be properly excavated so that there is a clean and level area where the foundation of a building is prepared and built upon. Once it’s done, it’s possible to start building the structure on top of the newly excavated and cleared site.

Even if you are a DIY person, it’s still vital that you hire a professional contractor to complete the site’s excavation before the commencement of your construction project. It is to make sure that everything is done properly and completely. There are too many risks to consider when you entrust this part of the construction aspect to handle it. Our excavation team at N-Bit Construction and Remodeling have years of training and experience to complete the excavation job correctly. We ensure that your site is carefully excavated without disrupting any power/gas lines that may run under the property.

If you have questions about our excavation process for your construction projects, please call 877-770-4179 (Toll-Free) 818-800-3142 (Cell)