Construction News is the leading provider of UK construction industry news, opinion, analysis and events. Founded in 1871, the Construction News celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2021.

Construction News runs a full programme of annual face-to-face and online events including conferences, award ceremonies, webinars, roundtables and more. We bring contractors, suppliers and clients together to share knowledge, best practice and other industry insight. We honour excellence in the industry through our awards events, which are judged by independent panels.

The magazine was first published as Labour News on 30 August 1871, under founder, Victorian reformer Alsager Hay Hill, aimed at tackling unemployment by printing information about job vacancies. It was first published under the name Construction News during the 1960s.

Today it publishes news on topics impacting the UK construction industry, including sustainability, skills shortages, materials prices, workforce diversity, legal commentary, deep-dive analysis, administrations and contract wins.

The missing piece in the net-zero puzzle


Amelia Woodley is ESG director at Speedy Hire Net-zero targets are fast becoming a top prerequisite in construction-project tenders as the sector works on cutting emissions to hit the UK Government target for net zero by 2050. However, there also needs to be a parallel focus on the important role…

The sustainable timber roadmap: a useful starting point


Andrew Carpenter is chief executive of the Structural Timber Association  The Structural Timber Association (STA) has welcomed the launch of the Timber in Construction (TiC) Policy Roadmap. The policy document lays out a framework for increasing the use of timber in construction and identifies important steps that need to be…

Six tips for attracting and retaining Gen Z workers


Natasha Kearslake is the founder of HR and training firm Organic P&O Solutions, which works with businesses in the construction and engineering and sectors When it comes to attracting Gen Z and neurodivergent employees, the construction sector is years behind engineering and tech companies. But leaders can make quick progress…

Looking forward to a better year


The Roman god Janus gave his name to the month of January. The deity was usually depicted with two faces, one looking backwards and one forwards – symbolising the transition from the past to the future. Retrospection was an unfortunate but unavoidable theme in 2023. Many firms that went bust…

New year resolutions for site safety


Charlotte Dowson is an associate at law firm Bolt Burdon Kemp Construction work is physically demanding and inevitably accidents and injuries on construction sites do happen. Thankfully, more often than not the injuries that occur are minor and do not have lasting consequences. However, sometimes the injuries are serious and…

When is MMC not MMC? When it’s measured by PMV


Colin Hamilton is head of MMC and sector director for health at ISG I’m no fan of a proliferation of acronyms, but there’s a serious point to this headline, which is around basic clarity and understanding – and more significantly about the future direction and reputation of the construction industry.…

It’s an election year – how should the industry respond?


Kenneth Wood is managing director of construction and real estate consultancy Drees & Sommer UK Anyone still mindful that expert pollsters made the wrong calls on both the outcome of the Brexit referendum and winner of the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton presidential election might be tempted to look to…

We must get out and promote this great industry


Paul Gandy is chief executive at Tilbury Douglas, vice president of the Chartered Institute of Building and serves on the board of Build UK as a contractor director As we enter a new year, it is a great time to take stock and think about the key priorities the construction industry…

The Building Safety Act: three things to watch out for in 2024


Mark Lawrence is a partner at law firm Macfarlanes The Building Safety Act 2022 was the government’s long-awaited legislative response to the Grenfell Tower fire. It forms part of a wider package of regulatory and practical reform aimed at making high-risk residential buildings safer and ensuring that the responsibilities of…